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Free Yourself From Anxiety, Pain and Your Past

Life is too short to suffer, so don't.
Program Information
Immune to Suffering is an half-day event that teaches you how to take back control of your thoughts and feelings so you feel inner peace in any circumstance.  

In the program, we define suffering as feeling anything that does not help you or serve you.  Most people accept anxiety, stress, frustration and dissatisfaction as normal.  But those feelings rob you of peace, joy and happiness.  There is another way. 

Immune to Suffering is based on timeless principles and techniques that work in the real world.  Through a combination of keynote speeches, workshops and experiences, you'll learn that the root of all suffering starts in your mind.  And if you know how to control your mind, you know how to control your feelings.  
You'll learn how to maintain peace in all relationships, even difficult ones.  You'll learn practical ways to change your physiology quickly so you feel calm and centered.  The program will teach you how to process painful events from your past, and how to love all your experiences in the future.  

In summary, Immune to Suffering gives you the power to respond, not react... heal instead of hurt... and love with all your heart.  It's a program that shows you the path to inner peace and it's for someone just like you.
Ready to find inner peace?
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