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Free Yourself   From Yourself

As human beings, we care about one primary thing.   The way we feel.  We want to feel peace, joy and happiness.  We don't want to feel anxious, afraid, angry or hurt.

                                                                                                                                  When life goes the way they want, they're happy.  But when life goes another way, they suffer.
The answer is yes.  And there's only one thing standing in your way.  YOU.  If you take control of yourself, it doesn't matter what other people do.  It doesn't matter what life throws your way.  You become bulletproof, invincible ....Immune to Suffering.  

Free Yourself From Anxiety, Pain and Your Past

Is it possible to feel the way you want regardless of your circumstance?  
Can you become immune to suffering?
Most people believe their feelings are caused by their circumstances.   

Inner Peace.

Every Day.

All Day.  

         Power        to Change

Immune to Suffering is a high-intensity program for change.  The only way you're going to find inner peace is by confronting your root problems instead of suppressing symptoms.  Period.   


Here's the good news.  With the exception of physical pain, suffering takes place in your mind.  If you know how to control your mind, suffering is no longer inevitable. It's a choice.    



This small setting allows for a personalized approach to help you take back control.        

Through a combination of experiential exercises, workshops and keynote speeches, you'll have a tool belt to navigate any challenge while maintaining perfect peace.

Master Your Mind.

Choose Your Feelings.

End Your Suffering. 

 The Right          Candidate

Immune to Suffering is designed for two kinds of people.  Those who are suffering and those who are unaware that they are suffering. 



                                                                                                  Even though it may seem normal, it doesn't have to be that way.  You are capable of feeling inner peace, joy and happiness no matter what happens.  

Whether you feel completely broken or you're just tired of the ups-and-downs of life,  


Immune to Suffering gives you the power to respond, not react... heal instead of hurt... and love with all your heart.  It's a program for someone just like you.  

Limited to 50 participants 

Immune to Suffering is an 8-hour program that only accepts 50 people per event.
Do you ever feel stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, anger, shame, unworthiness or any other negative emotion?  If you answered yes, you are suffering.