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Free Yourself From Anxiety, Pain, and Your Past

Life is too short to suffer.

Most people accept anxiety, stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction as normal, but those feeling rob you of peace, joy, and happiness.  There is another way.

Through a combination of keynote speeches, workshops, and experiences, you'll learn that the root of all suffering begins in the mind; suffering is optional.

Immune to Suffering is a one-day program that teaches you how to take back control of your thoughts and feelings so you feel inner peace in any circumstance.

Learn to let go of pain from your past and rid yourself of anxiety so you can get the most out of your life. You deserve to live and to love without holding back. 

You deserve to find inner peace.
Meet the program founder, Keith Crossley, and learn
some of the principles behind Immune to Suffering. 

Event Information:

Date: Saturday, August 31st
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Location: Kiln Building
Lehi, UT 84003
Price: $199 for one, $359 for two
Dress: Casual/comfortable
Food: Drinks & snacks provided

Lunch break from 12-1. (Restaurants nearby) 


Ready to find inner peace?
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